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lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009

My first Etsy selection / Mi primera selección de Etsy


Thanks to the talented artists listed below, it was possible for me to make my first Etsy selection. From top to bottom I want to thank:

1. DeniseAnnette and her Lampork pig

2. Flowerleaf with its Filigree leaf earrings

3. JunkerJane and her Curiouser print

4. TheLemonDropTree and its Chipboard Epoxy buttons

5. LovelyCrochet and its Crochet necklace

6. SimplyHibiscus and its Zombie couple

7. LathersbyLinds and its Peppermint candy whipped soap

8. Natalya1905 and her Coffee /Tea cup cozy

9. SpankyTease and its Grumpy Norkel Fook

10. WoolAndMore and its Hand sanitizer keychain

I want to apologize to the sellers to whom I promised to post their pics but I lost the info. If you read this post please contact me.

1 comentarios:

natalya1905 dijo...

Thank you so much for including my Honey Cup Cozy in your wonderful collection! I'm honored!