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lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

Second Etsy selection


This time I want to thank the following Etsy artists for sharing their art on this second selection:

1. AlyshellsCraftShack: Hotdog of the Sulfur Lagoon Ceramic Holder
2. Spacejam: Vintage egg warmers
3. Icanspellit: Little Pink Flower Fine Art Photo Print
4. Foxygirlboutique: Etched copper ring
5. Nikifashion: Classic Magic White and Blue Fingerless Gloves
6. Banished: Read contemplation collection
7. PatrickIanFore: Rope
8. Vonderberry77: Piano Keys Black Tote/Reusable Bag
9. Splurge: SALE caramel ammonite and sterling silver necklace
10. CrochetMaggie: Set of 3 Crocheted Cotton Face Cloths in Fire Hot Colors

3 comentarios:

Stephanie dijo...

Love the blog. Thanks for including my Little Pink Flower Print. :)

Stephanie Krell
Blue Door Photography

Maggie dijo...

Love it! Thank you so much :)

Natalia Designs dijo...

Wow! I love the blog. It so amazing! Thank you so very much for including my gloves!