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sábado, 10 de octubre de 2009

Saturday Morning Surf

This is a good moment to surf on the web for interesting blogs. Its not hard to find them. The difficult thing is to choose which ones to post because there's a huge amount of handmade and decor blogs online. And probably, if you entered one you may have found it also includes a list of recommended blogs. I'm a brand new blogger so this is a new field for me.
Here are 3 blogs I want to share with you:
1. Try handmade ( I actually found this blog a couple of weeks ago. They feature artists at least 3 times per week and you also can submit your own pics on their gallery. What I found today is that they have a shop ( with fabulous items. You can tell that they care about offering good products with good photos.

2. Papernstitch ( They have an extensive artists' display. You'll find the items on sale after you click on a name which will also link you back to their shop. If you are interested in selling, they charge a monthly fee for exhibition. There are no fees for selling items.

3. Mixed Plate Blog ( A little bit of everything: artwork, decor, jewelry, accesories, clothing, name it! The feature and interview artists as well.

2 comentarios:

Erika Jurney dijo...

Thanks Alida! Glad you're enjoying Try Handmade. (We actually feature artists about 3x per day, not per week :)

Alida dijo...

Thanks for visiting Erika! I'm actually new to the blogging world. I follow yours and I think its great. You do a fantastic job.